Dr Julien LAURENT’s  focus his researches with a sociology, an ethnology and an anthropology approaches on skateboarders, contemporary lifestyles and urban physical activities in downtown areas. He is  also invested in sport studies, analyzing board sports and their evolutions.

Dr Julien LAURENT’s  research also took a wider dimension after several academic experiences in Guadeloupe (Sport History) but  above all in Montreal, Canada with other topics like health and educative dimensions of sport public facilities, transitory population in downtown areas, Formula one Grand Prix social and cultural impacts on population and cities, teachings/lectures in Human Geography, Urbanism, Europe development and Qualitative methodology.

– Urban sociology, Symbolic interactionism, Ethnomethodology

– Sport studies, Sociology of Sport, Anthropology of Sport, Leisure and Games

– Qualitative Methodology, Fieldwork, Observations, Life story, Interviews.

– Social, Educative and Health Effects related to Skateparks on teenagers and young adults

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Dr Julien LAURENT taught during his first Ph.D year in Sport Sociology and Sport Anthropology in the Sport studies/Kinesiology department in Nice Sophia-Antipolis University, France (2004).

Then he did some lectures for several years in Sport Management about the urban physical activities and skatepark management but also classical sociology in the Sport studies/Kinesiology department in the Montpellier University, France (2005-2008).

As an ATER in the French West Indies University, Dr Julien LAURENT was in charge of Lectures and directed work in Sport Sociology and Sport History, lectures in Sport Anthropology.

During his post doctorate in Montreal Dr LAURENT was a lecturer/assistant professor in Human Geography/demography/Immigration and also in Urbanism and Tourism on the City and cultural European development topic. He also  did some lectures in Qualitative Methodology in the School of administration in Montreal (ENAP), Geopolitic of Europe in UQAM and lectures about skateboard landscapes and skateboarders animations of downtown areas in the University of Montreal and also in the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivière.

All those academic achievements prove Dr LAURENT  versatility in Human sciences and his skills to adapt his theoretical approaches to several topics.


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